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Yjngw Byjngw

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Yjngw Byjngw (Martin), Twenty-Third Plotzwielder of North Llaccwff, is High Professor of Neo-Mansurian Studies at the Royal Djeld Academy. He specializes in the barbarous cultures and mythologies indigenous to the lands so valiantly civilized by bold Mansurian soldiers. Though a Llaccwffian and not a native Mansurian himself, he would like to make it perfectly clear that he's just as bloody patriotic as that loud-mouthed bastard Fluxwemp in the Geography Department, and is not actually descended from sheep, thank you oh so very much. Also, he has reliable intelligence that Fluxwemp's paternity is in some doubt. Feel free to contact him to hear more details.


TheRules TheScholars FrontPage

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