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Duvaran Church

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Duvaran Church


The Duvar faith is relatively new to the Mansurate Hegemony, barely 100 years old, but is none-the-less exceedingly popular. The ecclesiastical leaders of the movement have taken several older religions (Artemoose worship, Caltran animism, reformed Tolanism, and Urvey spiritualism, as well as a healthy dose of of recieved wisdome) to found the Church from the ground up.


It was taken Mansura by storm. Reputable scholars estimate that as many as half of all citizens of the Hegemony use Duvaran rites and upwards of three in ten among the Mandarin are ministered by Duvaran priests. Less reputable scholars extensively overestimate the numbers for their own ends.


The Duvaran Church is not strictly hierarchical, responding instead to meetings of the faithful in villages and hamlets to determine local policy. However, as more of the Mandarin convert, we are seeing an increase in the top-down management style of the Mandarin Lords. There is little tension between the church and the ruling elite because the church limits their focus to spiritual matters.


Tenets of Faith:

Enlightenment through meditation, sometimes aided by herbs

A spirit world which permeates all things

A respect for plants, animals and rocks

The necessity of good behavior in order to preserve the soul

Living communally


For more detailed information about the Duvaran Church and its history, read my book "Religious Awakening"


-Artemio Marais


See, also: Artemoose the Unforgiving, Tolan and Urvey Schism




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