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Dog Tree

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The Dog Tree or Arbolus Deusila is a soft wooded tree native to the Caltran Ravine West of Djeld. The wood of the tree is not suitable for building (though some attempts have been made by the Caltran, mostly resulting in sunken hovels), but the bark is valuable as it is used to make Cork Tobacco. As this is the main export of the Caltran people, it's hardly surprising that they consider the tree sacred.


The name Dog Tree is in fact a misnomer, but one which has become widely used thanks to Ornith Twidge, the famed explorer who visited Caltran and wrote of his discoveries in several treatises. Unfortunately Twidge's bad ear (due to an unfortunate skirmish in th Great Southern Desert) got in the way of proper recording of the Caltran chief's rough translation of the Holy Tree of Cal (God Tree).


--Acanthia Copperwick


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