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Dame E L Hoogly

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Engma Laars Hoogly is the most famous person ever to come out of the otherwise unremarkable land of Twid. She was born Crown Princess Engma, last of the ancient Twiddish monarchy, before the Mansurian conquest of Twid ousted her parents from power when she was 12 years of age. She was officially stripped of all titles, and took the name Engma Laars Hoogly, "Laars Hoogly" being the Old Twiddish phrase meaning "meteorite", or more literally "fallen star". The conquest of Twid was marked by a handful of minor over-exuberances by a few bad jub-fruits among the Mansurian soldiers, and the precocious young Engma made herself a name as a crusader for the fair treatment of her people. As a show of good faith, the Mansurian government appointed a special task force to protect human rights in Twid. Though only 13, Engma was named to an honorary position on the task force, a position she took far too seriously. When she sent a 60-page report on the failings of the task force to the Weekly Harold, she was prosecuted for engaging in criticism of the Mansurian government. Her only sentence was to publically retract her earlier statements and point out the good the Mansurian occupiers had done for Twid; when she refused, the ancient Ye Olde Infurrectione Ande Feditioufe Fpeeche Acte was cited as precedent for jailing her, a controversial decision by the Mansurian government. In prison, she wrote her most famous work, The Wizards of Twid: How Mansura Has Conjured Up A New Dark Age For My People. The book was smuggled out of prison by sympathizers and became an underground bestseller, not just in Twid, but throughout the civilized world. Her ongoing campaign kept her in and out of prison until she was 18, at which point Mansura gave in to popular pressure and created the Semi-Autonomous Province of Twid as an official vassal state. Engma was appointed Twid's first representative to the Administrative Peace Council, a position she held for the rest of her life. Though forbidden to take on the trappings of the lost monarchy, she was made the first member of the newly revived High Twiddish Order of the Left Sock, and became Dame Engma. It remained her hope, however, that the monarchy would someday be reestablished. It is claimed that she made herself available to any man of Twiddish blood in her desperate (and fruitless) attempts to conceive an heir to the throne, and while these rumors are probably exaggerated somewhat, and there is absolutely no evidence supporting the legend that she once challenged Twid's most notorious whore to see who could wear out the most men, the fact remains that she died at the age of 36 of at least three sexually transmitted diseases. It is generally assumed that if she was not actually infertile, she must have been damned unlucky.


- Yjngw Byjngw

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