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Coring Fly

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The Coring Fly is more properly described as a small bird similar in coloration and build to the common hummingbird, but with the notable addition of a deadly stinger. Native to the mountains east of Djeld, the Coring Fly is a peaceful animal who will not attack unless provoked. Nevertheless Coring flies have killed at least two notable people. The first, Jenethor Anturas, is believed to have assaulted the bird, imagining it to be the "smalle assassin" prophesied to "stryke himme daid beyonde a mountaign walle, though he hisself defende" (as with so many prophecies, it was apparently self-fulfilling). The second was Kalline Runsch, the opera singer, who accidentally swallowed one of the creatures whole.


Despite many attempts to harvest Coring Fly venom to use as a weapon, the feat has never been accomplished. Ecologists claim that this is very good indeed, for if it were easier we might not have any Coring flies left, which would upset the ecological balance of the entire mountain region as their diet consists of mosquitos and other pestilence-carrying insects along with the nectar their hummingbird cousins drink.


Coring flies and hummingbirds have been successfully crossbred in captivity, producing sterile birds with non-poisonous stingers. As yet no one has found one of these birds in the wild, though it is possible they exist.


--Acanthia Copperwick


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