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Charles Leeds

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Charles Leeds (Mike) was a professor of Physics at George Mason University, Virginia, U.S.A., Earth. His life's goal was to explain subatomic phenomena in six dimensions or less. He was getting along reasonably well when, while visiting CERN in Switzerland, he was trapped inside a particle accelerator and bombarded by an element (subsequently named Leedserhosen) which existed for a billionth of a second. He lost consciousness and subsequently woke up in Mansura.


Leeds was named a Fellow of the Royal Academy at Djeld for introducing indoor plumbing to Mansura, and was installed as a Professor of Natural Philosophy there after reproducing Newton's work on mechanics. He still dreams of explaining subatomic phenomena, but is just now trying to figure out how quickly he can advisedly recreate General Relativity in a world where indoor plumbing has just been invented.


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