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Caltran Ravine

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Heading West to parts unknown

The Caltran Ravine is 500 meters deep. It was cut by the Caltran River, a Northwest-Southeast-running river 800 kilometers long which serves to divide Central Mansura from Western Mansura. The southern termination is in the Great Southern Desert; the Northern termination is as yet uncharted, I am told. The river and ravine are named for the Caltran, the nomadic people who perfected trade along the river in the century prior to the rise of the Anturian Hegemons. The Caltran introduced Cork Tobacco, made from the bark of the Dog Tree which grows on the Caltran River banks, to the whole of Mansura. The Coring Fly gestates on the ravine cliff in a sort of sac.


Charles Leeds

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