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Legendary war leader of the Eshti during the late Tribal Era. Caecilea is credited with the naval victory of the Eshti over the Myrinians which brought their tribe to prominence. There are conflicting stories, however. One version of the tale portrays her as a clear-eyed and battle-hardened warrior with a mind for audacious strategies. Another paints the picture of a wild-eyed mystic, brain-addled on a private brew of Bissonus Tea, whose victories were more a matter of blind luck than skill. Exactly which vision is correct is likely to be a matter of contention for some time, as the Eshti were famous for promoting both brilliant military strategists and those with an overabundance of zealous fervour. What is agreed upon is that on the eve of battle many Eshti generals followed the practice of using a variety of herbs to induce a trance-like state, during which it is said the god Tolan would speak to them and reveal the battle plans of their enemies.


--Rf Selaris Keenhawser


TheLexicon TheScholars FrontPage

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