Briton Plain

The country and continent of Mansura sits on the Briton Plain, so named for Yolanda Briton Anturas of the Anturian Hegemons. According to the chief surveyor of the Royal Mansurian Army, there are no mountains to be found on Mansura. The Briton Plain is apparently flat enough that Dorothy might mistake Mansura for home. (I find the possibility of a mountainless continent preposterous, but, then, I don't know for sure whether Mansuria is on Earth or not. The Great Summer Fog, renowned for it's restorative effects, has hung in the sky day and night since my arrival; it has prevented me from stargazing or noting the distance to the sun, whichever one it may be.) Along with the endless prairie of Central Mansura, where Djeld sits, and the Great Southern Desert, there is said to be a massive forest to the North, the North Woods, which is said to have once covered 2/3rds of Mansura, but now covers only 1/3rd. East is more prairie. As to what's West, no one will say.


Charles Leeds