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Bissonus Tea

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Bissonus Tea


In my research into the court intrigues of early Mandarin Age, I came across this recipe for tea. It is known that bissonus tea is made from the herbs Adlerponge and Winter's Meet, and that, depending on how it is prepared, is either a healtful, or deadly poison. Bissonus was used as a ceremonial component in treaty signings to indicate that everyone trusted the cause of the treaty being signed. A refusal of Bissonus was grounds for cancelling the treaty, as it indicated bad faith in the process. Interestingly enough, no one ever died during a bissonus signing ceremony, although many people died from the poison tea in other circumstances (such as Bertie of Stickhut).


I include the preparation instructions for bissonus tea, although I have not yet determined wether these are the instructions for the benign ceremonial substance, or the malign instrument of assassination.



Bissonus Tea


1 ounce adlerponge blossoms

1 ounce winter's meet leaves

2 adlerponge seeds

1 large adlerponge leaf

1 quart water


Hang the adlerponge and winter's meet leaves in a bundle in the sun for 3 days

Carefully remove the skin of the adlerponge seeds

Dice the seed meet

Wrap the dried blossoms, leaves and seed meet in the adlerponge leaf

Heat the wrapped herbs for 2 hours over a slow fire

Crush the wrapped between a piece of red slate and a piece of granite

Add the crushed herbs to boiling water

Let simmer for half an hour

Serves about 6



-Atermio Marais

See also: Adlerponge, Frednivere College of Assassins, and Grimoir d'Mal


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