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Anturian Hegemons

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The Anturian Hegemons were the five children of Belthon Anturas, each of whom ruled Mansura for a time after Belthon's death. (The term is also, inaccurately, applied to certain later hegemons who pretended to some connection with the Anturian line). Their decadent ways, and their petty infighting, nearly brought the entire Hegemony to ruin on more than one occasion. The four eldest of them all died young at each other's hands. The last, Jenethor Anturas, was so afraid for his own safety that he lived for the whole of his rule in a small stone cell deep in the mountains. He died at the age of 98, long since driven mad by fear and confinement, from the sting of a Coring Fly.


--Willison Chuttleworth

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