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1. an extinct language formerly common to the Akamai tribes of the Great Southern Desert region. Also called Ashtu, Akamaian was a ceremonial language used in religious ritual, public edicts, contracts and formal inscriptions. The earliest known uses the language date to over 5,000 years ago and are among the oldest written records in Mansura. Akamaian flourished throughout the period of the Ashtu Khanate but began to disappear with the growing dominance of the Mansu tribes of the northern plains and the Eshti peoples of the coast. The fall of the Khanate introduced the Mansu dialect of Kitrin to the Akamai tribes and with it the convenience of a single language for both formal and informal communication. By the time of the Southwall Massacre, Akamaian had fallen out of usage, and it remained a lost language until rediscovered by Rf. Vashel Dunryder during excavations at Kemmel.


2. of or pertaining to the Akamai peoples of the Great Southern Desert.


3. a breed of domestic cyrrunx, noted for its prehensile tail.


4. a dessert made from ground charnuts and honey.


--Rf Selaris Keenhawser

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