Ablaut Directive, the

The Ablaut Directive


The Ablaut Directive is a rule applied to the game of Wanups Manshep. It is a product of the game-playing epoch of the mid 1100's and the fascinating brain of the infamous game-player Couatyne Bleer. The directive is stated as follows:


"When one player addresses the other using an unworthy temporal category, the player who as been insulted (the insultee) can require that the offending party (insulter) change the vowel sound, and therefore meaning, of all subsequent directive phrases."


The most-cited example is that of player Greela Smyth of the Province of Boolongway who, upon being accosted with the statement "You drank all the orange juice!" was so incensed that she required all subsequent players to use the present tense when applying the verb in question.


This is why the Boolongwayians are known for their abundance of bathrooms, notable lack of scurvy, and surprisingly good Tequila Sunrise.


-- Nyx Miaro